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Detective Verse: If You're Gone

There’s a ghost in Jo’s apartment. The other side of the bed should be warm in the mornings, but there’s a cold spot instead. There’s a presence, a memory in her mind of a man, one who liked to sleep with his arm over her and his chin on the top of her head. That man is gone though, even though some morning she wakes up to the weight of his arm. There’s never any arm and she gets up telling herself not to be afraid of a figment.

She isn’t always afraid of him. Sometimes to get through her physical therapy she thinks about her ghost. She pretends he’s waiting for her, that he’s coming to pick her up, take her home and get her through another afternoon of aches and stiffness. She should work for something like her job, getting back to work and hunting down criminals, but it doesn’t motivate her like he does. He’s not there though. Her mom’s the one that picks her up and she loves how close they’ve become now, but God she wants him bad.

Her physical therapist hasn’t cleared her for desk duty, she has her mom leave her at Ed’s comic book shop. She helps out there, even though Ed would let her sit around and do nothing all day if she wanted. She needs something to do or else she’ll have nothing to do but think about him and feel his presence. She can almost hear him asking her why she’s hanging out with Ed, Harry and Ash, three of the weirdest, geekiest guys ever. There’s just Ed asking her if she needs more Tylenol, Ash rambling about Einstein, and Harry talking about ghosts. These are her friends now because she can’t go home to him.

At night, it’s the worst. Jo dreads going to bed because with it comes a rise in activity. She thinks she hears footsteps, his, down the hall coming to join her. She waits, eyes closed tight for the bed to dip under his weight and him to apologize for waking her up. It never happens, never. There’s no footsteps, no him. He’s not there, he’s in rehab and she’s alone with just her dog for company.

There’s no guarantee she’ll get him back after this either. If Sam isn’t clean, if he doesn’t stay clean she’ll have to kick him out of her life completely. The ghost in her apartment, the ghost of Sam Winchester is all that keeps her going some days. She wants him back, needs his footsteps to be real, needs his arm, his voice, his presence. She needs him and loves him, but he’s gone and all that’s left is his ghost.

Detective Verse: Bad Romance

With Ford settled in her lap, Jo looked over at Dean sprawled in the chair next to her bed. He looked like he could use a hospital stay with the bags under his eyes and she thought he might have lost a little weight. She knew the cause too. It wasn’t hard for her to figure out.

“They’re not going to let me leave for another few weeks,” she said as she scratched between Ford’s ears. “Some of the tests came back with some elevated something or other, so they want to make sure I don’t have an infection or something.”

“I’ll keep an eye on Ford, don’t worry.” Dean gave her a reassuring smile, but she could see how tight it was around the corners of his mouth.

She sighed. She couldn’t believe how quickly everything had fallen apart around them just because she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her mother was in worse condition than Dean. Jo had agreed to move in with her after the hospital just because she thought her mom needed help more than she did.

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AU Fanfiction: Play It Again

Title: Play It Again
Rating: R
Pairing: Jo/Gabe
Warnings: AU, mentions of Dean/Cas
Author's Note: This is based in a verse I have with agentangusyoung where Cas is a normal boy with a bunch of brothers, Dean lives with Ellen and Jo after John dies, and there's no such thing as the supernatural. For some reason, in my head, Gabe and Jo hook up in this verse. I haven't quite figure out how this work, but here's an attempt at why.


“Of all the gin joints in all the world…”

Jo paused, grape halfway to her mouth before she popped it in and turned around to face him. Gabriel Novak was grinning at her, one hand in his pocket the other holding his iconic Kojak sucker.

“That’s not how the line goes,” she said, leaning back against the craft services table. “You should know that, Mr. Movie Buff.”

“How would you know, Miss I Don’t Watch Romances?” he countered, his grin widening slightly.

She rolled her eyes. Gabe always had to come out on top, even when they were kids in Harrington. She could remember him, snot nosed kid scamming kids for quarters while his brother Cas trailed along behind him. She was famous for punching him when he pulled on her pig tails in the third grade, but that was back in Harrington. Here, in LA, she was just a stunt woman and he was just the latest comedian to make it big in movies.

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Detective Verse: Here Comes the Sun

She woke up.

Yes, it was just like that. One moment Jo knew nothing but blackness and absolute silence then she opened her eyes and took a breath.

“Jo? Joanna!” Her mom appeared in her line of sight, tears rolling down her cheeks and squeezing her hand so tight it actually hurt.

“Mom?” she croaked, her throat rough and painful.

Why did her throat hurt? Her mind was a little fuzzy and muddled, just like it got sometimes when she woke up in the mornings after a long night on the job. Then it all started to come back. She’d been shot. She’d been dying on a sidewalk a few feet from her apartment and now… she was in a hospital bed. She wasn’t dead.

“I’ll get a nurse, I’ll get a nurse,” her mom said then rushed out of the room.

Jo didn’t get much time to take it all in. Her chest felt funny and she was surrounded by machines which beeped and looked like medical stuff but then the nurse came with her mother, who was still crying and they started to check her over. The doctor was called, they asked a bunch of questions but Jo’s throat still hurt and she didn’t like talking.

Was she in any pain? How did she feel? How many fingers? Squeeze my hand. Wiggle your toes. Take a deep breath, let it out slow.

The doctor’s voice became a sort of blur, Jo responding when needed by her brain was still trying to catch up.

“How long?” she asked, looking at her mom.

The number shocked her into silence. The doctor said she looked good, looked healthy. They were going to monitor her for a little longer and then they’d talk about physical therapy. Jesus. Jo couldn’t even process the idea. She just nodded stupidly and squeezed her mom’s hand tighter.

She’d been shot and now she was waking up. It was terrifying, almost as scary as being shot. The world had kept going on right around her while she’d just lied there. She almost couldn’t wrap her mind around it.

“Where’s Sam?” she asked as a sense of panic rose up. She needed Sam to get her through this. She couldn’t deal with this without Sam.

Her mom brushed her hair back, “He’ll be back. Don’t worry, he’ll be back.”

OOC: Summer Verse Clean Up

So, the Mun has finally gotten through college, graduation and her sister's wedding. Now that I've got time to myself before I start job hunting I'm going through my characters' journals and cleaning up their verses. Just a little summer cleaning, folks.

The Moose
aka Jo Mun

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Detective Verse: Bang Bang

It all happened so fast. That thought hit Jo just as she hit the side walk, gasping for breath through the two bullet holes in her chest. She had heard those words from witnesses and victims since her first day in uniform and she had only sort of believed them. Things couldn’t happen so fast people couldn’t see something, but now she knew they could and did.

She was just taking Ford for one last walk before bed. It was a nice night out, balmy with the promise of summer. There was no harm in taking the long way home from the park. It was just an extra block and it was so nice out. She didn’t think twice, didn’t feel anything could go this wrong in just going an extra block. That extra block brought her right to the local mini-mart, right when the gunman burst from the front door. There was a brief second when their eyes locked, hers surprised, his terrified, and then the gunshots.

They felt like two punches when they hit her, only the pain went deeper, felt hotter than that. She was down before the realization hit her. She’d been shot twice in the chest. Now she lay on the sidewalk just a few feet from her home, from Sam, bleeding out.

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AU Fanfiction: As Flat As...

Title: As Flat As…
AU: Weird West aka Revelation
Rating: R
Author’s Note: The fun continues with more Revelation, weird west, AU. For more information read this: Manifest Destiny.

Kansas wasn’t just flat. Most of the eastern part of the state was hilly and forested. The horses were carefully picking their way through, Jo with her eyes closed trusting her horse to avoid the trees. Her magic told her they were close. She was good at tracking things, water, gold, she could find those easily. People were a lot harder and Angels even more so. She had only two encounters with Castiel to go off of too. It had taken them most of the day just to get this far but they were closing in fast now.

“I think I see wings!” Dean yelled from behind her. “Come on.”

Jo opened her eyes, trying to see through the twist of branches and leaves to see what Dean had seen. She thought maybe there was a bit of gray, maybe some black, but she didn’t have the Gunslingers eyes.

“My magic says he’s that way,” she said, but Dean was already maneuvering his sleek, black mare around her and through the brush at a brisk trot. Sam was quick to catch up with his palomino, but her mustang was the bed at getting over it quick.

She reined in her horses in at the sight of an Angel kneeling over another. She recognized the black wings of Marshall Castiel, but the other was a stranger. She could also see the blood pooled around Castiel’s body.

“Get away from him!” Impala leapt into the clearing and Dean swung out of the saddle, reaching for his gun.

“Easy, Gunslinger.” The Angel, the one kneeling with dusky brown wings flicked a finger at Dean and sent him flying backwards into a tree. He stood up and she was surprised that the Angel was a short, sort of pudgy looking man with a gambler’s grin. “I’m trying to help.”

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Meme: Q&A

from: jurisimmortalis

1. One thing that I enjoy about playing this character.
2. One of my favorite interactions this character has had with one of yours.
3. One of my favorite things about the relationship our characters have.
4. The last thing my character did "off screen".
5. One thing my character wants to say to your character.
6. One thing I'd like to see our characters do in the future.
7. You may ask them a free question and they have to answer truthfully, no matter what it is.

None of this counts IC, obviously, but it seems like fun.


Detective Verse: How To Wait

It was kind of weird being the first one home. Jo was used to coming home and seeing Sam’s jacket, shoes then Sam himself. Tonight, only Ford greeted her. She was tempted to call him and ask, but that felt kind of clingy and she wasn’t really the clingy type. So, she walked Ford, ordered dinner and settled in to wait.

She found it surprisingly difficult to wait. She had to wonder if Sam felt the same sense of worry and kept glancing at the door like she was. The Olympics were fascinating and all, but there was only so much speed skating and hockey she could watch before she started wondering about Sam.

She wasn’t going to call though. That was clingy. She wasn’t going to be clingy like that. She’d just wait. She could wait. She was a detective, she knew all about waiting. She just didn’t like waiting for her boyfriend apparently.